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The metaverse will become fundamental to everyday existence.
The average person will use the metaverse as much as people use the internet and smartphones today.
It’s where you will spend a large part of your work or school day.
In fact, most activities will take place in the metaverse:
• work
• school
• training
• shopping
• entertainment
• fitness and more.
What is the metaverse?
It’s a combination of technologies that allows an unlimited number of users to experience real-time rendered, 3D virtual worlds synchronously and persistently.
A life-like AI assistant will be your day-to-day companion.
Most people will depend on one.
It constantly predicts what you want to do next and makes suggestions throughout the day.
It gives personalized answers to your questions based on your goals, interests, and career paths.
Some people have a therapy or emotional support AI companion that’s designed to meet their specific needs.
Like a much more advanced version of Replika 👇\
The future of AI is personal
Watch Mike Walsh video
Artificial Intelligence will take over education.
AI teachers will provide personalized education for all students.
Classes and courses will be designed based on the student’s interests, inclinations and goals.
AI teachers will dramatically lower all basic costs in the educational system and allow hundreds of millions more to access free, high-quality education.
Human teachers will act as personal mentors, coaches and guides.
Here are some of the ways AI positively impacts education:
• optimizes learning experiences for each student
• can be adapted to student’s unique needs
• can track student’s progress and adapt accordingly
The entertainment industry will be entirely transformed.
The current studio system will no longer exist.
Instead, a series of decentralized organizations and communities will create and distribute film and TV productions.
These communities will control narratives, storylines, character development, casting, distribution and more.
Power will be removed from the big production companies and distributed among filmmakers, talent and fans.
The result:
• many more higher quality stories are told
• much larger audiences are served
• the box office is off the charts
• creatives are properly compensated
• fandoms and fan fiction are respected and rewarded, and more.
99% of digital transactions will be on the blockchain.
It becomes a bedrock of society like electricity and the internet are today.
Everyone, including the IRS, will use cryptocurrencies because of their ease to use, increased security and privacy.
The internet and social media will be decentralized and secure.
You will own your online identity and content, and your activity will be private.
Banks will no longer exist in any recognizable form.
Real estate transactions will take place on the blockchain.
The blockchain will make elections more secure and transparent by assigning an id to each voter and easily keeping track of those votes.
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