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⚠️ The Most Dangerous New Policy 2022 ⚠️ NOVEMBER FEDWIRE CHANGES

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Let me share a history lesson of the War of the Unstamped.
In the early 19th Century it was a politically tumultuous time in England..
And like all those who have held political power through the ages, the sitting government didn’t want anything to interfere with the continuation of their authority.
To prevent those in the working class from accessing knowledge that could foster “dangerous” free thought, Lord Liverpool’s Tory government attempted to make absorbing news unaffordable for the masses. So between the years 1815 and 1819, the stamp duty on newspapers and periodicals—a tax levied by the government—was increased fourfold to four pence per paper.
This act ensured that only the most affluent Londoners could now afford to read the news, blocking out the average man. Almost immediately wiping out the sales of independent publications, effectively making new ideas unavailable to the common folk.
Printers in opposition to the government’s new mandate began unlawfully publishing news for the masses, challenging the monopoly of the stamped press only the wealthy could afford. Among the defiant was Hetherington, whose underground periodical The Poor Man’s Guardian became a sensation, with each edition being read by possibly close to five percent of London’s population at the time.
Among others, we are at war, and may folks are trying to help win the information war. When you are battling the powers, to be silenced is to be at war. If you now speak freely, you will attract the ire of the establishment.
DCG Mastermind is a group of free thinkers, and free speakers. I believe we must stick together and speak up for our freedom.
In the future, you must have your on ecosystem, you must protect your family and your freedom.
In 2022, going into 2023, it it seems we’re again embroiled in a similar battle today. We are just getting started to be honest.
I mean Paypal had announced they were implementing a new policy to fine users 25k for being “socially irresponsible.. Correction, It was a big accident right.. They retraced it.. (article below)
Just a few short weeks ago, a document was published on Paypal’s website, informing users of upcoming changes to the company’s Acceptable Use Policy. Scheduled to come into effect on the 3rd of November this year, the policy outlined the usual legal mumbo-jumbo you’d expect from a multi-billion-dollar platform like Paypal.
Except for one glaring proviso.
Standing out like the flaming eye of Sauron rising over a barren volcanic field, Paypal suggested that any violation of its new policy would result in a fine of $2,500 USD being levied on a user—including for infringements such as posting content the company deems “harmful” or “objectionable”, and also for spreading “misinformation”.
In short, if you said something Paypal disagreed with, they could hypothetically punish you via your bank balance.
In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s regime has set up a special task force to stifle the spread of “false, misleading and inflammatory disinformation”. One of the task force’s main aims is to “strengthen citizen resilience against disinformation”, which to me sounds like a cleverly worded way of describing an effort to make people think what it wants them to think.
Across the Atlantic in France, the strengthening of an 1881 law designed to shut down “false news” has granted the administration tough new powers. Passed by Macron’s government in November 2018, it allows for the removal of anything it deems fake by “any means”, even to completely block the news or social media sites that publish offending content.
In Singapore, the law is even more severe. A citizen who shares so-called “false information” online can be fined up to SG$100,000 (approx. $70,000 USD), or find themselves living in a prison cell for up to a decade. It’s legislation that human rights groups, as well as publications as large as the New York Times, have publicly criticised.
Other nations—including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom—either already have existing task forces in place to combat misinformation, or are discussing the implementation of laws that could penalize people for sharing incorrect views online. Laws with punishments that could include financial penalties, or incarceration.
They say misinformation is harmful. I say their laws are dangerous.
The most virtuous patriotism of the present day is a resistance to bad laws.
We must all have resources to fight, to have a voice, crypto is an alternative to the freezes that may be incoming. You can of course, just stay neutral and hope it all goes away..
In the meantime, lets continue to push forward and implement contingency plans. Learn to trade, join a crypto community like DCG, and lets move forward together! Join DCG
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