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**Special Update** Happy New Year - January 2018 * News Updated

2017 Was The Spark That Introduced Digital Currency To The World.  2018 Will Be The Gasoline Poured O
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The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
2017 Was The Spark That Introduced Digital Currency To The World.  2018 Will Be The Gasoline Poured On That Spark!   By the End of 2018, Digital Currency Will Be Adopted, Regulated and Compliance Will Be The Theme In 2018. Many Millionaires Were Made in 2017, Many More Will  Be Made in 2018.  Digital Currency and The Block Chain Will Continue To Change The World. With Mass Adoption Of Digital Currency, The Buy and Hold Strategy May Bring You The Most Profits. There Is So Much To Cover In 2018, Expect Multiple Updates Through Out The Month. 

Happy New Year From The Digital Currency Guy
2018 Blockchain and Crypto Currency Outlook
2018 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Outlook: Expert Blo... | News | Cointelegraph
2018 Predictions:
Both Bitcoin Cash and BitCoin Core will dominate the markets.
I expect Bitcoin to hit 50k minimum by the end of 2018.
Bitcoin Cash, expected to hit 10k by the end of 2018.  
IRS will have major compliance issues, and will not be able to successfully audit individuals in the Crypto space. I believe the media will attack those buying Bitcoin.  Those attempting to buy bitcoin, will have an extremely difficult time getting Bitcoin in 2018. 
The world is ready for a new currency, and digital currency will be established for your favorite retailers in 2018.

2018 all will be looking for alternatives to Coinbase.   Coinbase was the busiest exchange this year, hands down.  The wire delays, the lack of availability of forms, eew and or ac  Coinbase is great for getting BTC From Fiat. Recommended exchanges to invest in:
Binance  |  COSS | KuCoin | CryptopiaHitBTC | YoBIt | LiveCoin

KuCoin Will Become A Major Player In 2018
ICO Focus 2018
ICO’s will be more regulated than they have ever been in 2018. Regulation is good, as it will reduce the number of Scam ICO’s being pumped.  ICO’s in 2018 will be one of the easiest ways to be profitable.  A few recommended ICO’s are listed below:

CoVesting | Spectivvr | BittherCash | BankCoin

USI - BTC Program
USI continues to be one of my most successful plays in the Crypto Space.  I have been accumulating Bitcoin Through USI.  Your able to sign up for free and you can buy a BTC package for less than $65.00 dollars a pack.
USI Enrollment Form - Sign Up Here.  

As added bonus, videos shown at will show you step by step how to deposit funds into USI From Coinbase.

Part 2 of the 2018 News Letter will come January 1st
Next newsletter will focus on 2018 trading predictions and coins that you must buy for 2018.
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