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**RISK - Story Time ** - The Greatest Economy Ever Seen Before!

Something powerful to think about. Your Current financial situation is EQUAL to the maturity of you
July 25 · Issue #105 · View online
The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
Something powerful to think about.
Your Current financial situation is EQUAL to the maturity of your decisions & your choices up to this point.
This is the reason you get help with trading.
There is no such thing as not my fault.
When it comes to trading, there are opportunities every day in the markets. People who are struggling now are going to get destroyed when it’s a bear market.
People struggle because they lack the discipline to do the hard things they know they need to do.
The days of treading water when it comes to trading is coming to an end.
Hopefully being stuck is also coming to an end.
People talk about the risk of trading. Doing nothing to gain knowledge, you risk the chance of permanent loss.
You will make far more money if you take risk, rewire your thinking, optimize yours trading for success, and being prepared for the markets.
Checking for updates and hoping, it is not a strategy for success.
In the hedge fund world risk is defined as the chance of losing something without being able to get it back (aka permanent loss).
P.S. Hedge funds are companies that essentially manage your money for YOU.
They risk nothing. They make money for managing your money for you. As long as you have an account open, they make money off your money.
Similar to banks. If you put your money in, and get positive returns, most folks just keep there money in, and they think they will continue to get postie returns.
Well, in my trading course, in my mastermind groups, you are actually getting positive returns, and your betting on yourself to retain information.
Yes my course cost, there is zero long term gain, without potential short term loss.
If you see opportunity for long term gains without some sort of short-term potential loss you are heading right into what is likely a bad opportunity designed to separate you from your money.
Any decent investment vehicle is going to require some short of capital and typically, the less amount of capital required, the higher risk for short term losses.
The reason I’m spending so much time here is because the people who want to GROW, but who don’t want to risk $1k or $5,000 or whatever, to acquire knowledge, skill set, staying power, and the strategy, etc.
Are about the craziest, insane individuals walking the concrete streets.
A person with a millionaire mindset does not think this way.
They do not think, “zero short term loss,” they think, as little risk as possible. Investing in yourself, in education, in knowledge, is never a permanent loss of capital.
Investing in yourself, in your knowledge is actually a safer deal.
Putting less money into a sketchy deal that someone else manages, or putting a little more money into a safer deal where you control the outcome will normally yield greater returns.
Have you learned about risk?
Pull a list of how rich people think, do not bother of what they did, look at how they think.
When it comes to trading, investing, and building, its all about how you think!
Don’t flap about playing “big” while making small decisions after small decisions.
Getting into Crypto, Trading Bitcoin, its risky, but it can have HUGE long term impact on your life.
When it comes to trading, those who lose, do not lose because of technical skill, or lack of it. They lose because they cannot CORRECT the habits of old thinking.
They pound away exerting effort & energy in the wrong direction and call it, trying.
They wonder why ever one else gets lucky! Stop That!
The benefit of the DCG team, we equip you with the knowledge, the mindset and the confidence to trade crypto and bitcoin. We offer a free strategy, BEFORE you give us money to join the Mastermind!

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