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**Rich People Problems - Bitcoin ** Getting Ugly

When it comes to crypto.. If it’s not useful to you, that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. It just means
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The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
When it comes to crypto..
If it’s not useful to you, that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. It just means you, in that particular domain, are privileged. When you hear Warren Buffett say, ‘I don’t need crypto.’ Of course you don’t need crypto. You’re a white-haired old man with billions of dollars. Have you been denied banking services? Unlikely.
Jamie Diamond: ‘I see no use for crypto.’ Of course you don’t see any use for crypto. You haven’t met a single person in your life who is not a millionaire.
You ask these people to talk about their life. One of them recently said that they think you need ID to buy things at a supermarket. They were talking about how we should introduce ID at voting. You know why? They’d never been to a fucking supermarket. Their butler does that.
I’ve met people who have been stranded by the side of the road because their cars were refueled by their staff, and they didn’t know what the little orange light was. And when the car stopped working, they didn’t know how to put gas in it. Not 15-year olds, 30-year olds. So when you say, ‘I don’t need this technology,’ what you’re saying is, ‘My life already has this in it, and that’s why I don’t need it. But think about the people who do need that.

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