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**REAL LIFE STORY** Jamar James - Trading Story

I found a crazy way to trade crypto -(  I have found a different way to teach it.  I use
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Master Life, Money and The Markets With DCG
I found a crazy way to trade crypto -(
 I have found a different way to teach it. 
I use to get so frustrated with guys and girls telling me how complicated it was for them to actually understand crypto, understand trading.
When I tell folks about my method, “some traders” look confused.
For the regular folks they totally see how it makes sense.
Let me tell you, swing trading is a better way to learn how to trade.
(I can also show you the lessons I had to learn to get here.)
So of course, I can start this story when I use to own a real estate company..
To be honest, I was in over my head, had three offices, ton of agents, employees,taxes, and just very busy every weekend, every evening, and just had a newborn. I was spread thin back in 2004 to 2009. 
I was out there hustling, trying to build a real estate empire and it was hard, as money came, the empire grew, but the amount of time and freedom I had shrunk. 
I was doing what I thought all entrepreneurs was doing.. BUILDING..
Clearly, I was doing something wrong.
Working hard, trying to scale, trying to get more properties to flip, dealing with more and more agents and starting more business ventures, etc. 
I was simply doing to much.. But that is not all.
The taxes.
Don’t even get me started on the tax issues as an entrepreneur. 
Another reason I love crypto, we talk about that in the DCG membership mastermind.
The accounting, the multiple properties, the stress of making money.
Folks who do not understand that life, be like “rich people” problems stop complaining.
In reality, cash flow problems, tax problems, they are real problems if you are over leveraged. 
In the middle of my real estate problems, I was like these are “just” normal growing pain problems. The stress is normal for some.
For me, it was not normal.
Shell shocked, I got a business coach, and he was like sell everything, exit the real estate market, reduce the stress and I will show you another way. 
That is when. I begin trading.
My goal was to learn to trade, and then help folks restructure there life and time. 
So when I first started to trade, I was trading gold, oil, etfs, commodities, and the futures markets.  Very high stress markets. The etf’s were great vehicles to swing trade.
After successfully swing trading for a few years, I did what all traders do.
I thought.
I am a natural and I want to day trade. 
You start searching for a better edge, start tweaking your strategy. 
I was jumping around from one course to the next, using the latest indicators, trying to find another edge.
Half my account in swing trades, the other half for day trading.. 
After about 6 months, my swing trading account was FAT..  It had grown.
Day trading account, SKINNY.. I lost a bunch of small trades over and over again.
See I had spent all my time trying to figure out the magic in trading charts. 
When in reality, I was trend trading successfully and had a system to identify the trend before others.
Over time, I got burnt out day trading. 
I was losing the excitement.
My swing trading strategy was boring and effective.
When I first started trading, I wanted to constantly trade, I felt I needed to trade to work on my skills..
The reality, after years of day trading, I just felt tired and drained..
Like I was doing to much trading. 
Day trading after a few years locked into the screens, 
I started to feel an emptiness in the markets. The amount of time I spent trying to master the chart, had a impact on my family time and my account.
The more I traded, the less time I had with the family.
I begin to question my passion, I begin to ask myself how much fun was it day trading? 
Why day traders trade?  It’s all about the money!! It’s the rush. I mean. It’s a calculated gamble. Tweets change everything.
What other occupation could I feel the same rush of seeing your account move in fast forward mode?
Trading becomes a addiction.
Most traders before the break through, consider quitting, and just focus on a day job and family. 
But for me, it was a different reality.. 
Day trading when I combine it with swing trading, becomes fun, I love the markets when I am not forcing it.
At one point, during the fun, I spent less time swing trading, and the light hit, I was more profitable swing trading. 
and I had more time.. 
and the biggest light of them all. 
I do most of the swing trading, without sitting in front of CHARTS all day. 
Yeap, I was swing trading with out using charts, without being frustrated, without spending all my time in front of the computer.
I used the Alligator Strategy a few times a month to catch the trend. 
To identify news, identify the momentum, this would help me chose the right coins, and to stay in a trade.
Using the alligator strategy I could catch the trend, place a trade and walk away. 
The biggest shift in my trading breakthrough, came when I realized I had more time to do other things. 
With my trading expectations were lower, the time I gained, the time I got back, it had a huge impact on my income.
Trading Education, Strategy, Confidence, and Execution are the pillars for new traders. 
For new and experienced traders, they will agree, when you are making money confidence will return to trading. 
Now, when it comes to coaching, it’s all about helping guys get more time, trading without charts, making less trades with bigger gains.  
The goal is to teach folks my swing trading strategy, so they can really start making money and learn this trade. 
You can not buy confidence, its something that you gain with my strategy. 
In 2019, you have so many tools to use in trading, I want to acknowledge, much of the methods being taught about trading is out dated.
I mean, 20 year old trading strategies are being taught still. 20 years ago, there was no facebook, there was no tweeter.
Confession. Charts do not show a Trump Tweet impacting the markets. 
But new market sentiment tools do.
I have found, people spend so much time day trading, they do not enjoy it.
They are filled with anxiety, they are filled with fear, they are filled with all the emotions that causes traders to lose. 
Today as a trader, as a coach, my job is sharing my strategy and building confidence.
Education, knowledge, experience helps new and experience traders implement a strategy that produces wins. 
This is a different mindset, the tools you use, should bring you clarity in trading. 
The right coach should accelerate your trading ability and help reinforce confidence in your trading system.
The coaching, I help you build confidence, I help you trust the system, I help you reduce the stress, and eliminate the fear.
You want more time, you want to own your resources, you want to swing trade.
Giving you more time back in your life through trading. 
That is what the DCG team is about.
Giving you the confidence, time, and value. 

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