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Panic - Shock and Awe - Stay Calm

Crypto Market Update - November 24th, 2018. Information Shared With Master
November 25 · Issue #40 · View online
The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
Crypto Market Update - November 24th, 2018. Information Shared With Masterminds. This is a market correction, nothing else. I would like to share a letter with you all from
Ronnie Moas- Founder & Director of Research - Standpoint Research
I need to put out a note for whoever needs their hand held and/or a shoulder to cry on. This is the 13th (thirteenth) nasty 30%-90% correction that we have seen in the last 8 years in bitcoin. It is not the 1st time that bitcoin has dropped 80% … in fact it’s the third time. See attached image posted by my friend from BitVoltMining earlier today.
If you bought one bitcoin at the top in January for $20,000 your break-even point is $20,000. Bitcoin just dropped $500 in the last hour (below $4,000), which means you could buy three $BTC here for $12,000 … bringing your total investment to $32,000 lowering your break-even point to $8,000 per bitcoin!
When the market throws lemons at you … you have to turn those into lemonade. It is called dollar-cost averaging down. If bitcoin goes to $0 you will lose the $20,000 and the $12,000 … so don’t take a bet that you can’t afford to lose.
If you have deep pockets … this is a buying opportunity. The name is being manipulated. There is a market capitulation. Just as retail investors did in the NASDAQ in 2002 … and in the S&P-500 and the Dow Jones in 2008 … they buy high and sell low. The smart people … the people in the top 1% … and the institutions … are going to be laughing at your expense all the way to the bank.
They are the ones buying right now what retail investors are dumping … individuals are panicking and getting out. I have warned many times that there are no guarantees in investing and this will be extremely volatile. $BTC will sink/swim on consumer confidence, supply and demand news and regulations.
My view on bitcoin has not changed. If you bought this two years ago … went to sleep … and woke up today … you are up 1,000%. I believe I will tell you this same thing two years from now when bitcoin is at $40,000. That is how I feel … and that is how the people in my circle feel. I surround myself with insiders … the sharpest knives on the block. Weak hands are getting shaken out … and the one chance the poor people had to close the gap between rich and poor has been stripped away from you … because now the rich people control the market. They knocked the market down and now they will ride it all the way up.
People were running after me when bitcoin was at $20,000 trying to sign up for my service, but now nobody is calling me. Bitcoin will probably go back to $20,000 again and then the phone will start ringing (again).
You have to keep your composure. This is a marathon … not a sprint. Financial markets do not go up in a straight line. If you look at the S&P-500 report that I sent you today … half of the names in the S&P-500 are down 25%-50% year-to-date (thanks to Trump).
Anyone who has been 20 years in the financial markets as I have, know a capitulation when they see it. It is a drop on heavy volume and the volatility index spikes through the roof. That is what we’re seeing right now. The $ volume is not high today ($4 bln $BTC traded), but the number of BTC is … 1,000,000 (6%). 
I walked away from my computer for one hour … came back … and bitcoin had dropped $400 (10%). I understand some of you shot all your bullets back in January and did not leave yourselves with money to go shopping when names go on sale as they are right now. We are in the beginning of this game. Less than 1% of the world population is in bitcoin. You can compare this to the Internet users chart from 25 years ago when there were 50 million internet users in the world. Then we had the watershed moment … Netscape came on-line with its browser, and we went to one billion users overnight.
I believe there are watershed moments coming next year … Bakkt …Fidelity … ETF … custody and security solutions … etc.
This will cause a spike in demand that will coincide with the bitcoin halving where the amount of bitcoin hitting the market will drop from 730,000 per year (2,000 per day) to 365,000 per year (1,000 per day). That will cause the next parabolic move and that should take out the high from January … just as the last 4 parabolic moves that preceded it took out the highs from those respective previous cycles.
You must ask yourselves one question | What would be more painful? … To take a bet on bitcoin and lose … or to sit on the sidelines and find out that the bulls were right two years from now.
If you missed the move from $4,000 to $20,000 last year … you are getting a second shot right now. Little, in my opinion, has changed since I put my recommendation out at $2,570 on July 3, 2017. I was not in crypto before 2017, so this is the first time I’ve lived through an 80% correction in crypto. I have seen it in the stock market before, but I had never seen that in crypto.
The two corrections are nearly identical. Look at the NASDAQ (.com bubble) chart from 1998 to 2003. It is a mirror image of the bitcoin chart today. There was a parabolic move and an 80% correction. Just as you got a 300%-400% return on your investment if you bought the crash of the NASDAQ in 2002 … and just as you got a 300%-400% return if you bought the correction in the Dow Jones and the S&P-500 in 2008 … you can expect a similar return if you go into bitcoin today.
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