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Mastermind Plan B - Contingency Plans - Everyone Should Have One!
Last year in Canada, mostly peaceful protestors had their bank accounts and access to money frozen, simply because they disagreed with their government’s mandates on medical freedom. In Australia, unprecedented anti-encryption laws were recently passed that will force manufacturers who sell devices in the country to make it possible for the government to access any citizen’s data at any time, possibly without warrants. And in the United States, the right of women to have autonomy over their own bodies is being eroded, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Nations once thought of as bastions of freedom are quickly becoming anything but. To me, illustrating just how essential it is to have an escape plan.
The good news is, you don’t need to be ultra-wealthy, or a millionaire, to consider where you might go, or what you might do, if your country devolves to make it unlivable by your standards.
Some nations—like Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, or Croatia—will enable you to move there providing you can show as little as €700 in personal income per month. Most people can diversify their income via foreign digital bank accounts in Europe, South America, or elsewhere and open bank accounts to store their savings in sometimes under a day, with a minimum of fuss. And for those who have the option, it could take as little as three to six months to acquire a passport if you have a descendent that allows you to do so.
It doesn’t matter what you do to create a backup plan. Just do something.
Because as I’ve illustrated here, you never know how quickly the situation in your country could change. In 17th Century Vienna, it only took a year for a plague to ravage the city. Today, it’s only taken eight months for Russia to fall on the verge of economic collapse, and is now threatening its people with military conscription.
And we all remember how quickly 2020 went from “two weeks to flatten the curve”, to almost two years of medical-based oppression.
What’s next? Do you have crypto? Banking Crisis Incoming.
But what I do know is that it’s better to create a backup plan that you never need, instead of waiting until it’s too late when you may not have the option to do anything at all.
Trading Tip To End September.
Trending Project: Cosmos (ATOM)
  1. Ticker: ATOM
  2. Sector: Layer 1s/Interoperability
  3. Network: Cosmos
  4. FDV: $4B 
  5. Hotness Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tl;dr: Cosmos announces ATOM 2.0 and the new vision for Cosmos network.
  • Cosmos is a decentralized network of interoperable and independent blockchains. All Cosmos-based projects leverage the Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to transmit data and value between them. With the key pieces of Cosmos infrastructure now built — SDK, Tendermint, and IBC — Cosmos is now transitioning to its next phase of growth: ATOM 2.0. 
  • Earlier today the Interchain Foundation released the new vision for the Cosmos Hub. The two main additions are the Interchain Allocator and Interchain Scheduler. The Interchain Ccheduler creates a secure market for cross-chain blockspace across all IBC blockchains. With this there’s a massive economic opportunity for cross-chain MEV.
  • With the revenue, the Interchain Allocator takes a portion of that revenue to reinvest back into projects built on Cosmos. The introduction of both mechanisms creates a compelling case for ATOM as an asset as well as a growth flywheel for the Cosmos network.
  • Overall, the roadmap for Cosmos seems promising with the recent announcement. The market is beginning to price in these upgrades as ATOM has broken out against ETH on the 90 day time frame, surging over 100% in ETH terms since mid-August.
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Housing Market Thoughts?
We effectively went from paying annual interest payments of under $18.9 billion. With a 6% rate our annual interest rate is now $1.62 trillion. This interest payment is only increasing.
1% - $270 billion
2% - $540 billion
3% - $810 billion
4% - $1.08 trillion
5% - $1.35 trillion
6% - $1.62 trillion
7% - $1.89 trillion
8% - $2.16 trillion
9% - $2.43 trillion
10% - $2.70 trillion
15% - $4.05 trillion
20% - $5.40 trillion
Eventually the Fed will have to lower rates again because there is no way in hell we can afford $30 trillion in debt with 6-7% rates. The math just doesn’t work. Money printing will resume and asset prices will elevate.
Owning your own home in a period like this will be a powerful asset. The Fed is playing dangerous games with the money supply. Higher interest rates will price new homeowners out of the market. Lower interest rates will increase asset prices. Anyone with ultra low rates on their primary residence will likely not be selling into this market to buy another house with rates double or triple what they have already locked in.
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