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Master Life, Money and The Markets With DCG
Bitcoin Bottom Is In! ( Most investors say Bitcoin Is Likely To HIt 10k Instead of 30k!) THAT IS THE SIGNAL!!!
It’s important to understand that a constant stream of terrible news freaks out the weak hand investors…
And the market can only start to rally when the weak hand investors puke out… but there’s more to it than that.
The pussies who sold at the lows would have sold on a 20% pop anyway… so NOT having them invested means the subsequent rally is typically much stronger.
In fact this is WHY bear market rallies are much stronger than bull market rallies!
Know this.
Human beings aren’t emotionally set up to be scared witless for long periods of time. 
Think about a horror movie, or a rollercoaster. 
At the point of maximum ass-puckering the fear is already starting to recede.
So you can neatly time market bottoms by looking for a point where the fear is at it’s absolute worst.
Now Let Me Talk About The Recession… Are we scared yet?

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DCG Live Mastermind Training & Trading - Stocks, Crypto, Options, Forex, One Solid Strategy
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