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Hey - Resent - BTC Dump?

An unknown trader is to blame for the bitcoin dump, who sold 5,000 BTC at a price of $ 6,200 at the B
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An unknown trader is to blame for the bitcoin dump, who sold 5,000 BTC at a price of $ 6,200 at the Bitstamp crypto-exchange. The exchange promises to conduct an investigation.
📌 The court upheld the ban on using Bitfinex Tether assets. But representatives of the exchange are satisfied and declare that the new court decision finally clearly spelled out what is forbidden and for how long.
📌 Coin Metrics analysts claim that Ripple withdrew XRP tokens from their accounts more than indicated in the quarterly reports in the amount of $ 84 million.
📌 Cryptocompany Grayscale Investments bought airtime on popular American channels to broadcast advertising with the slogan: “Throw gold! Buy bitcoin!
📌 Poloniex crypto-exchange is afraid of problems with regulators, so its US customers will no longer be able to trade tokens: ARDR, BCN, DCR, GAME, GAS, LSK, NXT, OMNI and REP.
📌 Bloomberg: in recent days, Bitfinex, BitMEX and Kraken crypto exchange users have withdrawn $ 622 million more from the sites than they deposit.
📌 Media: Coinbase and Fidelity Investments are competing with each other for the purchase of Xapo bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Comes to Whole Foods, Major Retailers in Coup for Digital Currency
Back from New York - Consensus 2019
I am flying back from New York, it was an awesome time, I will be giving a update in my next news letter. Here are a few pictures.
If you are not making 30% a month, or if you haven’t, please schedule a call with me!
Digital Currency Guy and Bitcoin Man
Digital Currency Guy and Bitcoin Man
Consensus - Learn More About Our Crypto Trading Platform
Consensus - Learn More About Our Crypto Trading Platform
Crypto Currency In The Streets of New York!
Crypto Currency In The Streets of New York!
Why Ethereum May Outperform Bitcoin Price In Next Crypto Bull Run
One Day A Week Trading Strategy
Crypto Market Has Been Awesome This Entire Month.
If you are not up at least 30% this month, I would like to help you seriously!
30% just in bitcoin, my guys are up more. I also wanted to share my one day a week strategy with you. For those of you using my Alligator Strategy to trade. Let me share some insight!
Some historical information on my one day a week trading strategy.. 
My trading strategy was written to enter new positions only Mondays through Fridays, reflecting the fact that I cannot be glued to my computer on Saturdays and Sundays, not to mention my daughter softball Saturday and Sundays..
Had I written my system to enter new positions over the weekends, the results would have been different, but life at the moment, I want to show you this for a Monday through Friday strategy.
Mondays are really not a good day to be trading crypto – at least just starting on Monday, with no historical references. 
Fridays are absolutely the best day to be trading crypto – especially if you are using the One Day A Week Alligator Trading strategy, and Friday is a Sell Day. 
There’s some good profit potential around the middle of the week in crypto, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays exhibiting strong results – at least with my Alligator Trading strategy.
Thursdays generally don’t yield earth-shattering results, on swing, but can be day traded.  
Thursday, I don’t look to sell until midnight, I may look to enter early morning, so Thursday is a light trading day. 
Thursday mornings I can enter a trade, and then go hang at the beach and drink margaritas for happy hour. 
Wednesday nights is a good night to spend with the wifey.
Of course, these results will be different as I get to know your schedule. There are a few different types of trading strategies I apply during the week, however this is for the proven Alligator Strategy only.  
I modified the Alligator Strategy for this case study to fit my schedule. 
There is profits to be made on Mondays with my other trading strategy, the VOO. 
So as I teach new people, I avoid showing them a curve… Over-optimization of ANY trading strategies using historical data usually results in poor future performance.
I am putting this out there, because I wanted to give guys who work a full time job a better understanding of trading crypto during the work work. 
First rule of trading, nothing is cast in stone. However, we do have data that increases your odds of being profitable. 
Adapting the Alligator and the VOO strategy, will yield some positive intra-day gains with your trading. 
When I first started trading, I was trading Futures and Etf’s. 
Most amateur traders avoid trading Fridays and Wednesdays.. News events such as Fed speakers on Weds, and Friday Triple witching, scare many traders.
Fridays – “triple witching day” and “profit-taking” happens on Fridays.. Conventional wisdom can be applied when you understand volatility. 
I provide a monthly report to my traders, before the month starts so you know which trading days to avoid. 
Also which days to go in heavy. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this. 
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