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Digital Currency Guy October Updates - Issue #1

Revue presents the latest updates on Digital Currency. Take a short cut and slice th
October 5 · Issue #1 · View online
The Best Crypto Trading Strategies presents the latest updates on Digital Currency. Take a short cut and slice through the digital currency world.  Before you make another trade, ask about his automated trading bot, that generates trade profits more than 75% of the time.  Always available for one-on-one. Schedule a meet up today at 

Welcome to the Digital Currency Guys 1st Public Newsletter. By popular demand I will be providing super alerts and  Digital Currency updates to my members. In the meantime, once or twice a month, I plan to provide you tips and tricks, and real market condition updates. Become a member and get bi-monthly updates and get access to all classes throughout the  month. P.S.  The DigitalCurrencyGuy Auto-Trading Bot  Is Almost Complete, please send an email to if your interested in being the first to use it!     
Historical Data - Beware of Octoberphobia
October is historically the end of the worst six months of the year.  Mid October we should see nice runs in the stock market and in currency! Personally I will start accumulating and building long positions sizes starting October 6th for the month of October.  For Digital Currencies, I am expecting to alert all longs with a buy signal around October 12th pending any special news.

October Up Days and Down Days Bias
October BTC Technical Chart Updates
Bitcoin for the Month of October should stick between the two extremes, with 2500.00 be a low this month and 5,000 being a high. The lines on the chart below are what I call technical pivot points.  Once a line is broken on the downside, I expect it to continue down. Once the line is breached on the upside, we should expect it to test the next point.  
Trading View - Recommended For All Digital Currencies Charts
Live stock, index, futures, Forex and Bitcoin charts on TradingView
Regal Coin ICO - Paid Us Well So Far
Many members were skeptical of the Regal Coin ICO.   I recommended buying the Regal Coin ICO under .91 cents for what I thought would be a run to $10.00.  Little did I know,  the ICO ran to 21.00 dollars.  A $100 dollar investment would have turned into $2100.00 if you were able to purchase.  I believe the Coin will be worth $40.00 by the end of December. Its not to late to get in for a swing play. 
Get Regal Coin!
BitConnect - High Yield Program Still Paying!
BitConnect Token, BCC is one of the tokens that just keep on giving. The growth on the BitConnect coin has been profitable, regardless of the naysayers, the coin continues to march upwards.  Never to late to invest in BitConnect.
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Token On Watch List For Swing - NAV
Nav Token is currently taking a breather. Its one coin that has a solid development team that you will be able to pick up for a nice 2 to 6 week swing play. I have a buy signal between .50 and .60, with an expected sell target at $1.10 to $1.20.

Nav For the Double
Special Pick - Insider Play
Sleeper pick that has had a awesome year, NLC2.   I believe she is a midget in a room of giants, but a beautiful midget!  Look for her!  No Limit Coin 2. NLC2.  This coin will have a nice run in the upcoming months and you can really pick her up under .20 cents.  This coin has a solid team backing the coin.  She will be pretty.  You better hold on to her! 
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Introduction To Trading Class.
If you are interested in attending a Live Session Class For Beginners,  please check the class schedule and feel free to book the class.  Its a great class that goes over the fundamentals of using charts.  When booking the class, you will also get access to the, complimentary all access to everything in the store for 30 days.

Book an Appointment with Digital Currency Guy - Consulting/Business Services - Brea - CA
So Much More Is Coming.....
I will be sending you all a very special thank you very soon!  Also for all of you that have booked a one-on-one, I appreciate the trust.  On the one-on-one’s I go over my strategy, and show you my special buy and sell signals.  I also show you my criteria for buying.  The part of the one that everyone loves, is the actual live trading.  Each one on one session, I always execute live trades to show you how you can extract gains out of the market at any time!  I call it profit hour! 

Please do not hesitate to schedule a  one-on-one or join my inner circle!  If your serious about learning to profit from the markets, and would like to work with me one on one, lets schedule a call.

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