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** Digital Currency Guy **News Update December 2017**

BitCoin reached $11,000.00 before December 1st in 2017.  WOW!!  It's obvious, Bitcoin is The Disrupti

Growing Capital With Crypto

December 1 · Issue #5 · View online
Crypto Trading News - Bitcoin Traders and Investor News

BitCoin reached $11,000.00 before December 1st in 2017.  WOW!!  It’s obvious, Bitcoin is The Disruptive Digital Currency of the World. Fact.  It’s  pretty clear that the experts, economist, and the smartest guys in the room analyzing Bitcoin have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. You can’t corner something that we have never witnessed in mankind.  There has never been Bitcoin before. We are in the Future. The Future is now.  There will only be one Bitcoin, its a one of a kind coin.  A one of a kind coin, will always be in demand.  In this market, try to remain logical, not illogical. With a limited supply of Bitcoin, a general public that is slowly waking up, banks, hedges, private investment institutions will be accumulating Bitcoin for the next few years.  Always keep that last sentence in the back of your mind.   

Continue To Accumulate BitCoin
Bitcoin’s supply is limited to 21 million - a number that is expected to be reached around the year 2140. So far, around 16.7 million bitcoins have been released into the system, with 12.5 new ones released roughly every 10 minutes via a process called “mining”, in which a global network of computers competes to solve complex algorithms in reward for the new bitcoins.
What's Important In December?
IRS and The December 4th Quarter Run.  
Nasdaq Launching Bitcoin Futures Contracts in 2018
Move Your Bitcoin Investments To Private Wallets
Start Tracking BitCoin Cycles.
The Best Bitcoin Documentary.
Bitcoin Documentary Via Discovery - The Reason BitCoin is Important. 30 minutes.
Keep Your BitCoin Investments Private
How To Keep Your Bitcoin Investment as Private as Possible | BTCMANAGER
Best Cards To Spend Your BitCoin.
The Best, Safest, And Most Reliable Bitcoin Debit Cards
Trade Alerts
Free Trade Alerts Are Now Posted Directly On The Digital Currency Guy Facebook Fan Page.

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Important Bitcoin Conferences in December 2018
Stock Trading December 2018 Overview.
Plan For The Month of December 2018
Even in Crypto Currency Land, the stock market does impact the prices of coins. Historically, the stocks markets ups and down, actually identify large institutions moving money in and out of the market. Well, we are starting to see large institutions in the Crypto Space push coins up and down.  Identifying Global Market Movement is always important in Crypto.

USI - Data Mining Transparency
USI-TECH and Its Mining Transparency - The Blockchain Tells All - YouTube
USI - Team Digital Currency Guy - Funding
If Your On My Team, In USI Making 1% A  Day and Would Like To Fund Your Account Faster, Please Follow The Below Funding Instructions To Avoid Coin Base Delays.  Register For USI-Tech -  Here. 
Determine how many BTC packages you would like to purchase. Each package is $65 USD and you can purchase as many as you would like.
Choose your method of payment from the options below. We will cover any fees associated to the method you choose. Be sure to deduct the fee from the amount you send to We Fund BTC.
Bank of America
Account Name: We Fund BTC
Account Number: 483064290279
Routing Number: 026009593
SWIFT code BOFAUS3N incoming wires in U.S.
Address: 4323 S Buffalo Street, Orchard Park NY 14127
Deposit to Bank of America
Account Name: We Fund BTC
Account Number: 483064290279
Account Name: We Fund BTC
Mailing Address: 4323 S Buffalo Street, Orchard Park NY 14127
Send by using phone (716.345.1888) or email account (

To request funding, email the following information to admin@wefundbtc.comwith FUND MY USI ACCOUNT as the SUBJECT.
You request will be completed within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email confirmation once completed.
Full Name: ________________
USI Partner ID: ________________
# of BTC Packages: ________________
Method of Payment: ________________
Amount Deducted for Fees: ________________
Proof of Payment:
Attach a screenshot or image of proof of payment to expedite this request.
A Convincing Chart Showing BitCoin Dip Cycles?
If This Chart Stays On Pattern Expect Dip In January 2018
Free Bitcoin Planning - Bitcoin Investing
If you would like to get some investing help, or educated on different aspects of Bitcoin Investing, we have put a dream team of bitcoin investments experts together that can assist you.  You can always contact me or anyone on the team.  We are all willing and able to assist you. Please visit The Digital Currency Team.
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