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Crypto Up - Stock Market Down!

Checking In. Stock Market and Crypto Market is starting to inverse. Stock market is going down, bit
December 20 · Issue #42 · View online
Turn Cash Into Opportunity
Checking In. Stock Market and Crypto Market is starting to inverse. Stock market is going down, bitcoin is coming off lows. If you are not a member of you want to be a member in 2019. It has been a down year for crypto and that is all about to change! Do not be an observer for 2019. Personally I have doubled down and I am even more excited for 2019 and the mass adoption of the block chain and crypto currencies. Let connect, schedule a call with me.

Observation - Stock Market Down - Gold Up.
If you are a futures trader? GOLD is looking tasty!
According to the latest COT data released after the close on Friday, hedge funds are currently short 138,047 gold futures contracts and long 86,219 gold futures contracts for a net short position of 51,828 contracts. Hedge funds will return to a net long position in the upcoming weeks.“
We are now back to hedge funds being net long gold futures contracts! Over the last two weeks, hedge funds have covered 36.25% of their shorts while simultaneously increasing their longs by 13.95%. They have gone from being net short by -51,828 contracts to being net long by 10,252 contracts!
The last time that hedge funds went from being net short back to net long was on January 12, 2016 with gold at $1,085.20 per oz. Over the following month, gold rallied by $162.70 up to a February 11, 2016 price of $1,247.90 per oz.
This time around, we have started off with a much higher gold price of $1,241.90 per oz on the day that the managed money net long position turned back to positive. A gain equal to January/February 2016 on a percentage basis will take gold in January 2019 up to $1,428 per oz!
Gold’s major resistance level is between $1,365.40 and $1,377.50 per oz. When it breaks through this level, gold will make its largest short-term rally in history. Profitable, producing gold mining stocks with large gold reserves are currently trading at artificially depressed levels compared to gold
Tax and End Of Year Planning
I have an awesome crypto tax accountant and if you have taken a loss or made a ton this year, I have an awesome recommendation for you.
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Current Rally Could Be Leading to Something Bigger
Invest In Dual Crypto Bitcoin/Cash ATM's
Also working with a great company that has a contract with a large nationwide mall, if you are interesting in becoming an investor, please schedule a call.
Institutional buying is becoming more prominent
There are now more than 120 hedge funds focused solely on bitcoin
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