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**Breaking Update** Digital Currency News and Trade Updates - Issue #2

Special Update: Prior To Monthly November 2017 UpdateBitcoin is hyperbolic again. $6,000 is nothing m
October 26 · Issue #2 · View online
The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
Special Update: Prior To Monthly November 2017 Update
Bitcoin is hyperbolic again. $6,000 is nothing more than a speed bump on the way to $10,000.  I believe we’re witnessing the biggest financial story line of our lifetime.  The explosion of crypto currencies — led by Bitcoin — will be studied by scholars, economists, entrepreneurs and technologists for the next several hundred years. But for now, lets just get through the end of October 2017. 

Special ICO Alert:
The must buy ICO this month is Falcoin Coin.  Our last Special buy ICO was Regal Coin, which I gave a call buy at .89 cents.  I know everyone has been buying Electroneum and I pride my picks on being profitable, not popular.  Let me share a screen shot where Regal Coin is at today. Check out my facebook fan page, some of the comments by the “trolls” were just plain rude.  So many mentioned how Regal Coin was a scam, and….  Well here is a screen shot for you how much its worth today. 
How we Turned $100 into $5000.00
So time stamp this message, Falcoin Coin ICO ends November 14th, 2017. I wanted to give my followers plenty of time to buy, hence the special update today.  
Turn $250 into $2000 minimum.
Update On The Digital Currency Guy.....
Guys, I have been holding every thing, acquiring alt coins, and profiting off of BitCoin.  Hasn’t been much to say unless we have been day trading. Which I will explain below what I have been working on.  I had notified every one back in September that October 11th, October 12th would be a great time to buy and hold. Spot On.  For now we have a few events coming up before November, that should give the Alt Coins a boost.

Take advantage of STRATS, SALTS, NMR, LMC, WCT, WAVES and TRIG (enjoy)
1% Gains On Your Investment, DAILY.
It comes a time for a day trader to take a break……  When that happens, you work smarter and not harder.  As a balanced trader, I mix my long term, and short term trades in with my day trades.  I also split half of my portfolio and find a safe haven for my funds to grow.  
I am a believer in the USI-Tech Company. If you have followed me into any trades, you know I like a sure thing.   Well making 1% a day on any amount you deposit, is one of those investments I love. Risk vs Rewards.   
I can go on and on, about USI and why USI-TECH is my best recommended opportunity for those working full time and are passive investors.  Usi-Tech will be a billion dollar company in 2018. #TimeStampIt

The bitcoin package costs 50 euros (approximately $60), and gives a return of around 1% daily for 140 working days, you can buy as many as packages as you can afford but the maximum number active packages you should have is 5000.
You can withdraw your money via Bitcoin wallets or payza at any time and the minimum withdrawal should not be less than 10 euros.

A few reasons why I like USI?
1. The Owners. We know who they are, and they have a 10 year track record of successfully trading and creating forex software.
2. Well capitalized company with substantial cash reserves enabling opportunities to invest in its growth. Plans to IPO in 2019
3. USI-Tech They have real products designed to offer income opportunity from both Forex and Crypto currency markets
4. Legality: Legal opinions from top law firms in USA of compliance with SEC & FTC
5. Profitability: All accounts making money, regular payments, that allow compounding
I recommend you over the weekend spend some time walking through the sign up process and depositing funds in your USI account.  You dont have one yet,  setup and sign up here:  In addition, one of the few companies in the crypt space with a support number 24/7.
24/7 Live Phone Support  - USI-Tech Direct Line - 1-866-336-9591

Start The Setup Process For USI.
Digital Guy Currency - Easy Access.
I am making myself available to all my subscribers.  If you would like to discuss your trading, my trading strategy, my usi-tech strategy, or just to say hello, I will be available via zoom, face to face and screen shares.
Quick Introduction Call.  

What is USDT and how to use it |
Goldman Sachs considers entering the Bitcoin industry at full steam
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