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Bitcoin Trading Update - Crypto Currency Expert Analysis

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December 5 · Issue #41 · View online
The Best Crypto Trading Strategies
Need help with Crypto Currency trading schedule a call with Jamar James.
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Bitcoin reality check, price matters most, do not ignore or forget.
I offer my Digital Currency Insiders daily, weekly and monthly insight on the crypto currency market. It has been a wild November, and we are preparing for a December with ups and downs. Volatility is back, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make money in the markets. Alt coins are also known as shit coins, however in a down market you move over to Bitcoin or stable coins. Move away from Alt Coins. When the market bottoms you move back into select Alt Coins. This is where you make tons of money in crypto. It is getting close to a bottom market and we have identified a few alt coins that you must be in.

The market goes up and down. It has been the year of the bear!
Daily and Monthly Analysis.
DCG provides analysis every day to the members of the DCG Mastermind and all insiders. Below are a few key things to keep in mind for this month. Also get the December 2018 mastermind report, identify every day profit probability every day for the month of December in advance.

At this point in time, we believe a short term bottom may be forming around 3700.. If 3700 does not hold, Bitcoin will drop down to 3k.  
A higher low has been printed on the daily timeframe for $BTC, supported by volume at 3700.
We could potentially be seeing a ‘W Bottom’ forming for $BTC and for most higher market cap cryptos. This is most likely only a short-term bottom. 
The break-out target on $BTC is $4340. If that price can be closed above on any significant time frame (4hr, 12hr, D), then our target will assume a price around $5200.
We are beginning to scale back into crypto at this time to play an estimated short term (48 hour-14 day) swing.
This swing play will be invalidated if $BTC closes below $3600 on a significant time frame. If 3600 breaks on any time frame, exit and re-enter the market at 2900 - to 3k
To accompany the positive price action, ErisX exchange has announced they raised 27.5 million USD in their most recent fundraising round. 
Investors in this round include Fidelity and Nasdaq, two companies we have spoken about recently that are also executing their own endeavors in the space. 
ErisX is hoping to launch next year, pending regulatory approval. They will offer the trading of both spot and futures markets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. 
This fits the narrative of late that ample money is still flowing into crypto, just not directly into the crypto assets themselves at this time. 
Understanding the long game of emerging markets is very important to remaining profitable. 
We do believe, long-term, the investor interest from financial juggernauts such as the ones mentioned above will aid in the evolution of the crypto space into a multi-trillion dollar asset class. 
That being said, crypto still has many months before these products are implemented. Just as the institutional players have the ability to set up infrastructure for many new investors to purchase cryptocurrency, we believe that they probably have the same power to suffocate prices until they are properly positioned as well.
Either way, seeing capital continuing to flow into higher-grade institutional trading products is very promising for the prospects of the blockchain space.
Anytime ripple hits under .30 In December 2018, I will be looking to buy and hold as a swing into January 2019.

The Big Picture On BAKKT
BAKKT is a Parent Company of Intercontinental Exchange’s Proven Financial Market Infrastructure and Technology (ICE) Which is Primarily Focusing on Digital Assets. 
ICE Runs New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Which is One of the Biggest Exchanges and New York Stock Exchange ARCA.
Why BAKKT like Platform is so Important for Crypto Market…? 
First of all Bakkt’s Secure global platform Will Connect Investors, Merchants and Consumers on The Same Platform & Secondly it Will Enable Consumers and Institutions to Seamlessly Buy, Sell, Store and Spend Digitals Assets Without Any Hassle on The Same Platform.
Moreover It Will Bring Trust, Seamless, Efficiency, Security (Which Means of Ensuring Their Cold and Hot Wallet) and Utility ( Bakkt Has Already Partnered With Starbucks and Microsoft ) Thus Bringing More Utilisation of Crypto and Commencing Mass Adoption.
Must to Know that Bakkt’s Futures Contracts Are Different Than CBOE Futures Contract. CBOE Futures Contract Are Not Physically Backed by Bitcoin 
But in Bakkt Futures Contract People Will Actually Buy Bitcoins From the Market Thus Supply Will Decrease and Demand Will Boom. 
BAKKT is Currently Being Reviewed by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Hence, Bakkt Set a New Date of January 24, 2019 For
Its Platform Launch. 
On The Other Side Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is Most Likely to be Approved in 2019, 
NASDAQ Confirmed it Will List Bitcoin Futures in 2019 and So on 
Big Big Positive Moves Coming in 2019.
Just Ignore This Tiny Correction and See The Big Picture 

Give BITCOIN Some Time, it Will Shine Up Again 2019 Will be Big for BITCOIN as Well as The Entire Crypto Market. 🌞 
Tradingview Signal - Best Signals To Use
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Top 8 Predictions for Blockchain Tech and Crypto Trends for 2019 | The Daily Hodl
Whale Alert: 30000 ETH moved for selling - Coinnounce
Futures Trading - Crypto Currency 2019
Digital Currency Guy will be adding Futures Trading and be supporting futures trading to our curriculum. Futures signals will also be pushed out on the mobile alert. This is an awesome time to get involved in futures and we will be sharing custom signals and analysis with your membership. Nothing has to be done if you are a current member. Just more opportunities to make money. Custom scans and custom charts will be shared. These give you indicators to buy and sale.
Custom Futures Chart With Buy Signal On Think Or Swim
Futures Scanner On Think Or Swim
Work One On One
If you are looking to start trading in 2019, schedule some time and lets talk. I love helping folks who want to learn how to trade. Let me answer your questions. Jamar James
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