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7 day swing trading challenge is FREE

The 7 day Challenge is my FREE swing trading course, I put this together for YOU. I've seen people pa
June 11 · Issue #85 · View online
Master Life, Money and The Markets With DCG
The 7 day Challenge is my FREE swing trading course, I put this together for YOU.
I’ve seen people pay $100k+ for advice/consulting and DO NOTHING.
I’ve seen people pay $48k/year for a mastermind and they NEVER ATTENDED a single event.
I’ve seen people pay $7k for an online product and NEVER EVEN LOG IN… and if they do, they don’t get past the intro video.
I’ve seen people pay $2k for a physical product and it’s still at the bottom of their closet, UNOPENED.
I’ve seen people pay $X,XXX and then immediately refund because they just wanted to download all the stuff with no intention of DOING anything.
I’m guilty of this too.
I’ve probably spent $50k+ on stuff I never got any value from because I just didn’t DO anything or didn’t even log in.
It’s a plague.
Maybe you can relate?
Have you ever bought something and not finished it?
Be honest…
FINISHING what you started.
DOING what you commit to.
KEEPING your word.
Is far more valuable.
I don’t want your money if you can’t bring commitment. Best way to do that is to test your commitment level WITHOUT the need for $$$.
In this Swing Trading Challenge I am TESTING YOU..
If you can’t handle this level of commitment, you can’t handle what awaits you on the other side of the challenge.
If you want TRUE life changing, permanent growth in the areas of your life that matter to you.
Love you.
Love yourself enough to give your life and business and. those you love a better version of yourself.
The best way that I know how to do that is FREE..
No dollar amount is actually needed in order to have a fully committed choice.
In terms of heart, and guts, it’s the most expensive payment you can make.
The only payment that matters is COMMITMENT.
How to know if this is for you??
If you know you’re ready, that you are super, but you’re going through life feeling like you’re wasting too much time as “Clark Kent” then this trading challenge is for you.
You know where to find the course, in the units section, when your done with this course, you may be ready for the new course that is launching.
Its the Power House Of Trading.
Coming soon, I will be offering a beta version to those interested.
Actually, if you are interested in the Secrets of the Smart Trader, let me know and I will send you a special note about using time as a weapon.

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